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Pickering Rouge Canoe Club - Inspiring young paddlers in our communities since 1958

Pickering Dragon Boat Festival Volunteers Needed

Pickering-Festival-02Calling all PRCC club members!

Want an easy way to work off your volunteer hours and have fun at the same time???

The Pickering Dragon Boat Festival is fast approaching: Fri. – Sun. May 30-June 1, 2014

Baking a couple of dozen cookies or muffins, stuffing candy and fruit bags, setting up, bbq’ing, serving, cashiers, parking lot attendants, beer tent and take down, are just some of the ways you can help out and reduce your hours!

Remember you get one hour of volunteer service for every 2 dozen baked goods. Please PRE WRAP all Baking: Small- Medium cookies 2 per package, Large cookies 1 per package. Please label containers: your name and what the baked good is. NO NUTS PLEASE

Sign-up sheets will be posted on the doors of the “club house” or reach out to via the contact form.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!
Don’t forget to get your volunteer sheets signed!

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