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Pickering Rouge Canoe Club - Inspiring young paddlers in our communities since 1958

PRCC Needs a Clubhouse

PRCC is working with the City of Pickering, Toronto Regional Conservation Authority (TRCA), and local community groups to build an accessible canoe club facility with a clubhouse and docks. Our current facilities, consisting of two run-down trailers, are woefully inadequate.

We need a proper facility. We need a building with electricity and running water that can shelter children during rainy days and storms. We need a place where we can store boats and equipment securely. We need to replace our old and weathered docks with ones that will allow paddlers to get into canoes and kayaks easily and safely.

The PRCC Clubhouse would be the focal point in the Rotary Frenchman’s Bay West Park, an accessible park and beachfront that the City of Pickering has been planning for years. Phase 1 will develop the road and walking path. The Clubhouse construction is part of Phase 2. The current PRCC site will be dismantled in Phase 3 and turned into a naturalized area with walking trails. If we cannot build a proper clubhouse, we will eventually be moved off the TRCA lands that have been our Pickering home for decades.

PRCC supports paddling programs and facilities that benefit the whole community. We propose that PRCC, the City of Pickering, TRCA and other partners work together to provide:

  • Accessible docks and facilities that can be used by PaddleALL participants, parathletes and older people with mobility difficulties.
  • Canoe and kayak rentals to the public.
  • High quality, affordable programs.
  • High performance opportunities for youth and young adults, not only for their own development, but to inspire and instill community pride as they compete regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally.
  • Opportunities to host events such as regattas at Frenchman’s Bay that would offer fun competition for participants, entertainment for spectators, and economic benefits to the area by attracting visitors from around the province.
  • Programs that keep children, youth and adults engaged in outdoor physical activity throughout their lives.

Please let Pickering City Council know that you support a PRCC clubhouse in Frenchman’s Bay.

For information about the Rotary Frenchman’s Bay West Park, see

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