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Pickering Rouge Canoe Club - Inspiring young paddlers in our communities since 1958

PRCC would like to launch an Indigenous Canoe program. The program would build a team of Indigenous participants to paddle the C-15 (15 person canoe) with some training on C-4 (4 person canoe). The C-15 demonstrates power & teamwork and is unique to Canadian sport. The C-4 also requires team work and similar skills and is a favourite at Canadian regattas. A boat with a smaller number of paddlers gives us flexibility at training practices to work on a variety of skills.

C-15 racing has a long and cherished history in Canada.  Fifteen paddlers, each up on one knee, bring the canoe to life as they paddle with synchronicity and intensity. Canada is the only country in the world to race C-15 and it is the focal point of the club system.

If you are interested in helping us build this program for 2019, please contact our Head Coach at

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