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Pickering Rouge Canoe Club - Inspiring young paddlers in our communities since 1958

Our Club desperately needs your help!

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While our summer camps are doing awesome out of Rouge Beach, our specialized programs like award-winning PaddleALL, available to those with physical and intellectual disabilities for 10 years now, are in jeopardy because they are run out of Frenchman’s Bay, on the Pickering side.

Flooding has forced our small, nationally recognized team and clubhouse to relocate to the north side of the Bay. Can you help us relocate successfully and continue our much needed programming in the community?

Help us spread the word. We need your support!
* Call the Mayor Dave Ryan’s office 905-420-4600
* Send PRCC your letters of support.

To all our members, athletes, camp youth, inclusively employed counselors and partners in sport and community, thank you all for your continued support and belief that we all unite together for a common goal.

We believe in inclusivity at PRCC. Let’s make sure PaddleALL continues to be offered in Pickering and at Frenchman’s Bay. We strive to make our community we serve proud.

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